DAGA Expands State AG Map With Nearly $1 Million Surge

October 27, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) issued the following press release highlighting key investments totaling nearly $1 Million in the tightening battleground races for Indiana Attorney General and West Virginia Attorney General.

DAGA and Democratic AG candidates are on offense after a successful 2018, when DAGA helped flip four state AG seats in key battlegrounds like Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin with a message of protecting health care against Republican sabotage.

In 2020, DAGA has expanded the state AG battleground states to include, Indiana, Montana, and West Virginia using the same health care message as Republican AGs double down on their ACA repeal lawsuit heading to the Supreme Court one week after Election Day.

“Our candidates have navigated tough political states and are within striking distance. We are committed to helping them close the distance along smart communication paths as presented in each state,” said Sean Rankin, Executive Director of the Democratic Attorneys General Association. “These crucial investments give our candidates a megaphone to amplify their voices in the final stretch and clarify the key distinctions between our candidates and their Republican opponents.”

In Indiana, recent polling suggests that once Hoosiers hear Democratic AG nominee Jonathan Weinzapfel’s plan to protect health care and Republican AG nominee Todd Rokita’s dangerous record on health care, Weinzapfel takes the lead. To assist Weinzapfel’s campaign spread that winning message, DAGA’s investment doubled the campaign’s communications budget in the final ten days.

In West Virginia, recent polling made public shows that Democratic AG nominee Sam Brown Petsonk has cut unpopular incumbent Republican AG “Pain Pill Pat” Morrisey’s lead in half to just five percent in a state Trump won by over 40 points in 2016. DAGA People’s Lawyer Project, an independent organization financially backed by the Democratic Attorneys General Association, made a nearly half a million dollar TV ad buy.

“These investments give our candidates their best chance to close the gap, and based on polling, there are opportunities in these states before the close,” Rankin continued.

These investments are part of DAGA’s on-going “Back to Blue” strategy, that has expanded the map of competitive states. Thanks to record-breaking fundraising, and with the success of the “Incumbency Protection Program” in Pennsylvania and North Carolina, DAGA could direct more financial support into states that would be pick-up opportunities.

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