Democratic AGs Lead the Fight for Environmental Justice

April 22, 2021

In recognition of Earth Day, we are highlighting the important roles Democratic AGs play in combating the climate crisis, defending clean air and water protections, and fighting for environmental justice. During the last four years, Democratic AGs took nearly 500 major actions to protect the environment and vulnerable communities against the Trump Administration’s “energy dominance” agenda.

DAGA Co-Chair Massachusetts AG Maura Healey said,“[W]e, as state attorneys general, have worked together to hold this Administration accountable and protect our environment and our communities.”

Here’s a quick look at how Democratic AGs stepped up and fought back:

Connecticut AG William Tong said,“[S]tate attorneys general have been on the frontlines of an all-out attack on every facet of our nation’s environmental protection regime. States succeeded and held the line because we were right on the science and right on the law.

Recently, in an op-ed, Minnesota AG Keith Ellison addressed the need for climate change and transparency. New York AG Tish James led a coalition of 12 Democratic AGs supporting the Biden-Harris Administration’s efforts to restore key elements of the federal energy efficiency program that were rolled back under the previous administration.

And just this week, Connecticut AG William Tong, Maryland AG Brian Frosh, Minnesota AG Keith Ellison, New York AG Tish James, and Wisconsin AG Josh Kaul joined the NYU Law School’s State Impact Center and White House Council on Environmental Quality Justin Pidot for a conversation about their work and how the federal government can and should support state-level climate policies and programs.



Democratic AGs are the “People’s Lawyer,” trusted state leaders with proven records of protecting our environment, and are vital partners with the Biden-Harris Administration, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry, White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy, and EPA Administrator Michael Regan. Addressing the climate crisis is at the center of the Biden-Harris agenda, and Democratic AGs will continue to hold bad actors accountable and implement key environmental protections.

New York AG Tish James said, Through dozens of key legal actions, I am proud to have helped lead the way in the fight to protect the environment, combat climate change, and support the wellness of people. I look forward to continuing this work to ensure a cleaner, healthier future for ourselves and generations to come.”

Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum said,“I’m proud … of state attorneys general who have spent the last four years tirelessly defending and promoting our most fundamental environmental laws, pollution and chemical regulations and climate protections.

There are more than 30 state Attorney General races on the ballot in 2022. Electing state Attorneys General who believe in protecting our planet, combating the climate crisis, and pursuing environmental justice is not just imperative, it is what the majority of people across the country want.

To learn more about actions Democratic AGs have taken to protect the environment read here and here.

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