Momentum Builds in Montana: Raph Graybill Heads into Final Weeks on Strong Footing; Talking Kitchen Table Issues Montanans Care About

October 2, 2020

Recent coverage in Montana reinforces the momentum building around Raph Graybill, the Democratic nominee for Montana Attorney General.

A new Missoulian article highlights the grassroots support propelling Graybill’s campaign. The analysis found 3,661 Montanans have donated to Graybill, which is more than double the number of donations received by extremist Republican Austin Knudsen.

The same article discusses the importance of access to affordable health care and the dangerous ACA repeal lawsuit being brought by out-of-state, extremist Republican AGs to the Montana race for AG.

Austin Knudsen, the Republican nominee for AG, has a long history of attacking affordable health care. Knudsen has said multiple times he got into the race to join the dangerous lawsuit that would put health care for 429,900 Montanans with pre-existing conditions at risk. In a recent article, Knudsen said, “I think it would be a waste of resources,” when asked whether he would take action to protect health care access, rural hospital funding, and protections for pre-existing conditions, if elected.

Graybill is the only candidate with a plan to protect Montanans with pre-existing conditions and lower prescription drug prices. During the debate earlier this month, Raph Graybill reinforced his commitment to protecting health care and drew a stark contrast between Austin Knudsen and himself.

As a fifth generation Montanan, Raph Graybill understands how important access to affordable health care is for Montana’s families. Montana voters agree. Recent public polling shows Graybill leading by 13% once voters hear the difference between candidates on key issues like health care.

Access to affordable health care for Montanans is on the ballot this November and only one candidate has a plan to protect all Montanans: Raph Graybill.

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