ICYMI: Access to Public Lands on the Ballot in Montana Attorney General Race

November 2, 2020

In case you missed it, fifth generation Montanan and Democratic AG nominee Raph Graybill held an Instagram Live conversation with Vasu Sojitra, an accomplished adaptive athlete and influential Montana resident, about the importance of public lands and the race for Montana Attorney General.

The conversation, which centered around public lands, started off with Sojitra asking Graybill about what Montana values mean to him. Graybill answered:

“For me, I think a lot about growing up here. I think about my family. My dad taught me to fish at a place called Sheep Creek in the Little Bell Mountains and it’s the same spot his dad taught him to fish. And now that I’m a dad, I have an 18 month old daughter, I think about can I provide for her the same advantages of living in Montana that I had growing up, can I pass that legacy on to her. That’s really what motivated me to run for office – was looking at the ways that a lot of really wealthy interests have come in to try to carve off these places that belong to you, that belong to me, to the public and limit our access. That would change what it means to live here.”

Additionally, Graybill and Sojitra talked about the powers of the office of Attorney General, Graybill’s plans to protect health care, plans to streamline bureaucracy at the DMV, and the importance of voting this election.

Protecting public lands is a key issue this cycle in the Montana Attorney General race, and one of the strongest points of contrast between Graybill and his Republican opponent. Graybill’s extremist opponent, Austin Knudsen, is one of the most anti-public lands candidates on the ballot and has a history of attacking Montana’s public lands. In fact, Knudsen is currently being sued by Montana veterans for blocking access to a veterans’ park. Montana veterans spoke up in a series of videos here and here.

Read more about Graybill’s plan to protect access to public lands here.

“Public lands are on the ballot, and the difference between the candidates for Montana Attorney General is clear,” said DAGA Deputy Political Director Amanda Trump. “Extremist Austin Knudsen has a track record of denying access and attempting to sell off Montana’s public lands, and that’s exactly what he’ll do if elected. Only one candidate has a plan and is invested in protecting Montana’s public lands for the next generation: Raph Graybill.”

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