INDIANA AG RACE UPDATE: Democratic AG Candidates Outraise Republicans Including Embattled AG Curtis Hill

April 22, 2020

For the Second Quarter in a Row Republican AG Curtis Hill Reports Paltry Fundraising as Threat of Losing Law License Looms

As we draw closer to Election Day, Democratic AG candidates around the country continue to show momentum towards big down ballot wins for Democrats – even in traditionally red states. For the second quarter in a row, Indiana’s Democratic AG candidates— Karen Tallian, Minority Caucus Chair in the state Senate, and Jonathan Weinzapfel, former Evansville Mayor— outraised Republican AG candidates including embattled incumbent Curtis Hill.

State Senator Karen Tallian and former Evansville Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel together raised more than $188,000, while the three Republican AG candidates together raised just over $174,000. To add insult to incumbent AG Hill’s fundraising injury, Indiana’s top Republicans have failed to support Hill’s bid for re-election.

Notably, Republican incumbent Curtis Hill raised just over $44,000 for the entire quarter, and $25,000 of that is courtesy of the Republican Attorneys General Association.

As the Indiana GOP convention draws near, even Indiana’s top Republicans are not supporting Hill’s bid for re-election. As a reminder, Republican Curtis Hill is under investigation for sexual misconduct. Two separate officials recommended to the Indiana State Supreme Court that Hill’s law license be suspended, and that he not be automatically readmitted to the Indiana Bar. Financial support and leadership positions for a credibly accused incumbent is par for the course for RAGA. The committee and its GOP leaders have remained completely silent on the sexual misconduct allegations against AG Hill and Hill remains in committee leadership. Additionally, RAGA financially backed Texas AG Ken Paxton, who is indicted for securities fraud, in his narrow re-election in 2018 and then promoted him to committee Chairman.

In addition to the credible sexual assault allegations, lack of state party support, and fraught fundraising, AG Hill is also part of the GOP lawsuit using taxpayer dollars to destroy the Affordable Care Act and gut health care coverage for more than 2.3 million Hoosiers with a pre-existing condition. At this time of uncertainty, the last thing Hoosiers need is to lose their health care. Democratic AGs continue to fight to protect critical health care access, and the latest fundraising suggests voters and donors are starting to understand that.

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