North Carolina AG Josh Stein: Leader, Protector, Advocate

September 2, 2020

As Trump and the GOP continue to sow division and spread misinformation, North Carolina AG Josh Stein’s strong track record of protecting North Carolina families and partnering with law enforcement to keep our communities safe is even more important.

  1. North Carolina AG Josh Stein championed a bipartisan effort by working closely with Republicans to pass the Survivor Act and secure $6 Million to clear the state’s historic sexual assault kit backlog. He also worked to secure an additional $2 Million in grant funding for North Carolina to speed up the testing.
  1. North Carolina AG Josh Stein is working hand-in-hand with law enforcement officers and community leaders to reform North Carolina’s criminal justice system as a Co-Chair of North Carolina’s Task Force on Racial Equity in Criminal Justice.
  1. North Carolina AG Josh Stein wrote the SAFE Child Act, which was unanimously passed by the General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Cooper. The bill reforms how abuse is reported and prosecuted, better protects children from sexual predators while online, and allows adults who were abused as children to seek justice.

“North Carolina AG Josh Stein is a trusted and tireless protector of families across North Carolina,” said Amanda Trump, Deputy Political Director at the Democratic Attorneys General Association. “Unlike Jim O’Neill who has failed to do enough to protect kids and women in North Carolina, AG Stein is an advocate for public safety and for the people. It’s simple: AG Stein’s record shows he knows how to work across the aisle to put children and families first. Jim O’Neill’s record does not.”

For more on the work North Carolina AG Josh Stein is doing while Jim O’Neill refuses to answer questions and schmoozes with special interest, check out the blog linked here.

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