DAGA Download – September 25

September 25, 2020


With less than six weeks to Election Day, DAGA is focused on battleground states with eyes on regaining the majority of state Attorney General seats nationwide. This week, DAGA announced record fundraising of $19 million across all entities so far and plans to invest as much as $15 million in battleground and competitive states. “Democratic Attorneys General are the most effective elected officials in the country, stepping up to provide life-saving leadership that is missing in Washington,” said Farah Melendez, DAGA Political Director. “There is more money and more attention being paid to down ballot races than ever before—and here at DAGA, we intend to continue setting records and winning big fights.”

DAGA joined with the five other major Democratic Party Committees this week to reaffirm the importance of access to affordable health care this election. Read the memo here and you can read about the effort in The Washington Post here.

On Sunday, Democratic AG nominee and fifth generation Montanan, Raph Graybill faced off against his extremist opponent Austin Knudsen. DAGA Deputy Political Director Amanda Trump said, “The debate made the contrast for voters even more stark. While extremist Austin Knudsen will sell Montana to the highest bidder, Raph Graybill will fight for Montana values and Montana families.” Read DAGA’s full statement on Graybill’s clear debate win here. Watch the debate here. Read a debate recap here and read the fact check here.

BONUS: Raph Graybill announced he outraised his opponent for the eighth time this cycle. Raph has now raised more money than any AG candidate in Montana history—a clear sign of Democratic momentum given Montana strict campaign contribution limits.

Last year, Republican AG nominee Heather Heidelbaugh was criticizing President Trump left and right, often praising his critics like former FBI Director James Comey, former CIA Director John Brennan, former U.S. Senator Jeff Flake (AZ), and more. Now that she is running for statewide office, Heather Heidelbaugh is singing a different, much more extreme tune. Pennsylvanians just can’t trust Heather Heidelbaugh. Read the full blog post here.

Utah AG Sean Reyes was slammed by Utahns for skipping town to cozy up to Trump at a campaign rally in Nevada. In a letter to the Editor, Utah voter Norman Anderson wrote, “Shame on you and the example you set, Sean Reyes. You are a pawn.” AG Reyes spent time in Washington, D.C. again this week and skipped out on a candidate conversation. Democratic AG candidate Greg Skordas said, “Here is Sean Reyes AGAIN, NOT in Utah, and at the side of Donald Trump.” Read the full letter to the editor here.



  • INDIANA: Democratic AG nominee Jonathan Weinzapfel released his first ad, “Tornado,” on his bipartisan experience in solving problems facing Hoosiers.
  • PENNSLYVANIA: AG Josh Shapiro released a new ad featuring Mary, a survivor of the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal who shares what AG Shapiro’s leadership on the grand jury investigation meant to her and other survivors.



DAGA Co-Chairs Massachusetts AG Maura Healey
 and Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum shared their thoughts on the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a pioneer, a giant. She was a role model to women, lawyers, judges, and millions more. Justice Ginsburg’s legacy cannot be over stated and we will never give up fighting for what she devoted her life to—equality and justice for all. The days and weeks to follow will be the most consequential in our lifetimes and we must work together to follow the path Justice Ginsburg paved for us—the stakes have never been this high.” Read DAGA’s full statement honoring Justice Ginsburg here.

Following Trump’s refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, DAGA Co-Chairs Massachusetts AG Maura Healey and Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum responded, “there’s no place in America for sore losers. Ours is a nation of laws—not of one man. Democratic AGs know how to take Trump to court and win. We are more than prepared to do so again.” DAGA Co-Chairs also called on Republican AGs to speak up. “It’s long past time for Republican Attorneys General to hold the President accountable.” Read the full statement here.



With the passing of Justice Ginsburg, Colorado AG Phil Weiser reflected on his time as a Supreme Court clerk for her during the 1990s. “Her memory will be a blessing. We all have to do our part to continue her fight for equality and justice.” AG Weiser also joined MSNBC to reflect on his time clerking for Justice Ginsburg and how she shaped this country. “We can’t be afraid of different viewpoints. We need to listen to them, engage with them, & be in this together. [Ginsburg] very much embodied that spirit & that’s really when the Supreme Court is at its best.” Watch AG Weiser on MSNBC here and read his Q&A in Rewire.News here.



Following the decision by a grand jury in Kentucky regarding the cops who killed Breonna Taylor, DAGA shared a series of tweets to reflect on how far we need to go in this country to see real progress made and end police violence against Black Americans.

Also following the decision out of Kentucky, journalist and activist Jemele Hill & actress Regina King shared tweets highlighting the importance of state AG races.



Colorado AG Phil Weiser joined fellow former clerks of Justice Ginsburg’s on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court as Justice Ginsburg laid in repose.

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